Stage Arts

Specifically designed to introduce the young pre-school student to pre-ballet, tap, basic tumbling, and creative movement. It is a 1-hour class. Students need pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes.

5/6 Year-old Combo Class

Designed to introduce students to jazz, ballet, and tap.  Students need pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes.


The foundation for all forms of dance - It is essential to the development of poise, grace, balance, and discipline required to become an excellent dancer.  Students must wear classic pink tights and pink ballet shoes with her hair worn in a french braid, ponytail or bun.


Students are placed in a Pointe class as teachers observe their necessary strength and technical ability at this level.  Students are required to take an additional 1-hour ballet class each week.  


Consists of fundamental barre work, rhythm and proper tap technique.  Black tap shoes are required unless a different kind by teacher is specified.


A stylized theatrical kind of dance. Fundamentals of jazz technique are taught.  Proper jazz shoes needed.


An art form that combines dance steps with twirling a baton.  It utilizes twirling with both hands, hand-eye coordination, gracefulness and rhythm.

Hip Hop

Freestyle, dynamic type of dance.  It is sometimes associated with urban street jazz.


A style of theatrical dance that favors movement deriving from the expression of inner feeling.


A style of theatrical dance that incorporates classical ballet and expression of inner feeling through movement.

2 Year-old Class

Consists of basic warm-up ballet, creative movement and tumbling.  Students must be potty trained.  Pink ballet shoes are needed.


Consists of beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of skill needed for cheerleader auditions.  Flexibility, control and strength are emphasized along with proper technique.

Competition Teams

Selected according to student's ability, work ethic and commitment as observed by instructors.  An additional fee is required.