We will be closed today, February 5, due to the threat of severe weather. Tuscaloosa County Schools have canceled all afternoon activities and we follow their weather safety plan. See Tricia or Mary Jo if you would like to make up a class. PLEASE PASS THIS UPDATE TO ANY OF OUR PARENTS YOU KNOW. Please stay safe and weather aware.

We will be closed again tomorrow, January 17, 2018 due to the probability of inclement winter weather and dangerous roads. We follow TCCS decision; they have closed so we will as well. Please stay safe.
We will be closed tomorrow, January 16, 2018 due to the probability of inclement winter weather and dangerous roads. Please stay safe and enjoy the snow if we get some.

Due to the probability of icy roads Saturday morning, December 9, we have rescheduled the morning rehearsals. WINTER WONDERLAND is rescheduled for 12:00-1:00 tomorrow and SWEETS FOR SANTA is rescheduled for Sunday, December 10 from 1:00-2:00. We apologize for any inconvenience but our top priority is always for the safety of our dance families. 


We will be closed today, December 8, 2017, due to inclement weather. THE REINDEER AND SANTA REHERASAL IS RESCHEDULED FOR TOMORROW, DECEMBER 9, 4:00-5:00 P.M. Please stay safe and enjoy your snow day.

The UA Homecoming Parade will be at 1:00 pm. Meet at 12:00 pm behind Hudson Poole Jewelers on Greenesboro Ave.

We will be closed tomorrow, Monday, September 11, due to the threat of severe weather from Hurricane Irma. Tuscaloosa County Schools and most schools in our area and most of the state have made the decision to close out of precaution. We follow the decisions made by TCCS. See Tricia or Mary Jo if you would like to make up a class. PLEASE PASS THIS UPDATE TO ANY OF OUR PARENTS YOU KNOW. Please stay safe and weather aware.


Recital Pictures are here. Feel free to stop by and pick them up at your convenience. You can see our summer hours by clicking on the Schedule link.  We are here when there are classes scheduled.
Make-up classes from Thursday, June 22, are as follows:
1) Dancin' Divas, Dancin' Cuties, Tappin' Starz, Dancin' Stars - come to Thursday class at 3:30 instead of 4:00 for the last 3 weeks of summer beginning July 6. 
2) X-Treme Lyrical - Stay until 9:30 for 3 weeks beginning July 6.
3) Tappin' Crew, Ballet Cuties, Hip Hop Team - you will have an extra Rehearsal before competition at no charge.
4)  5:30-6:30 (5-7 year old Ballet/Jazz/Tap) - any Monday or Wednesday 5:30-6:30
5) 5:30-6:30 (3-4 year old Ballet/Jazz/Tumbling) - any Wednesday 4:30-5:30 or Monday or Tuesday 6:30-7:30
6) 6:30-7:30 (5-7 year old Ballet/Jazz/Tumbling) - Wednesday 4:30-5:30

We will be closed today, Thursday, June 22, 2017 due to the threat of severe weather. Please be safe and stay weather aware.

Rehearsals are canceled today, April 30, 2017 due to the threat of sever weather. Check back frequently to the calendar on this website for rescheduled Rehearsal times. Please be safe and stay weather aware.

Spring Semester open registration will be held Friday, January 13 from 3:00-6:00 p.m. and Saturday, January 14 from 1:00-4:00 p.m. This is for new students only. If you were here last semester, you are already registered for Spring Semester. Classes begin Tuesday, January 17. See you then!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
REHEARSALS FOR TODAY, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 29 ARE CANCELED due to the threat of severe weather. We follow the weather plans of the Tuscaloosa County School system and they have canceled all afternoon activities. Please stay safe.

September 30, 2016
Mary Jo will bring all homecoming parade shirts that were not picked up with her tomorrow to the meeting place. 
ROLL TIDE!!! ❤️🐘🏈

March 31, 6:00
Due to the threat of severe weather we are closing today at 6:30. Please be safe.

March 31, 2:00 p.m. Update:

We are monitoring the weather closely to determine if it will be necessary to cancel classes today. At this point, we will have classes as usual as the weather updates are still "conditional." If weather updates indicate there will be imminent threat of severe weather in our area causing us to cancel classes, we will send out emails, post on Facebook, and our website. If your dancer has classes today, please watch for updates. It is a very important rehearsal day for our competition teams going into the weekend competition, but as always, safety is our top priority!

We will be closed again Tuesday, February 23,2016 due to threat of severe weather. We follow Tuscaloosa County closings. They are closing after school programs so we are closing as well. We are looking at our calendar to determine a date that we can schedule a make up day for classes. We will notify you when it is finalized. Please stay safe!

MJ's will be closed Tuesday, February 2, 2016 due to threat of severe weather. We follow Tuscaloosa County closings. They are closing after school programs so we are closing as well.

The Competition Teams Doughnut Sale Fundraiser deadline has been extended AGAIN. The new deadline is Thursday, October 8, 2015. Keep getting those orders!


Thunderstruck Schedule

The studio will be closed today, March 5, 2015, due to the threat of inclement weather. Please stay safe!

We will be closed today, February 25, due to the possibility of inclement weather this afternoon and evening. Please stay safe and enjoy the snow get some.

We are closing at 5:30 today, February 23, due to the threat of winter weather. All classes from 5:30 on are canceled for today

We are closing at 6:30 today, Oct. 13, due to threat of severe storms moving into the area. All classes 6:30 and later are canceled for today.


TUESDAY, APRIL 29: Sorry folks, but here we go again. We must close the studio again today because of the threat of yet more bad weather. I know this is sounding like a broken record at this point (or maybe I should say CD now). Of course this also means more changes in the schedule for the upcoming days. Please check the calendar for updated schedule changes.

Everyone please stay safe AGAIN!!!

Due to the storm in our area right now, we have canceled the 1:00-2:00 and the 2:00-3:00 rehearsals for today. We are HOPING the storm will pass in time for us to keep the later rehearsals. Below is the schedule for today. Again, at this time only the 1:00-2:00 and 2:00-3:00 rehearsals are canceled. If the weather does not clear, I will send another message about the later rehearsals. Please watch for updates.

1:00-2:00-Kissing Fish, Jelly Fish

 2:00-3:00-Sea Urchins w/ Keri (Ursala)


5:00-6:00 Jenni & Kasey

Congratulations, Morgan Green, on winning the Miss Alabama Outstanding Teen 2014 title! We are so proud of you and thrilled to call you one of our own!!

We will be open today, February 20 for classes. Please use your own judgement as to whether or not you come to class.

Unfortunately, we will be closed again today, February 12, due to the possibility of more inclement weather. We would truly rather not, but safety is our first priority so we must err on the side of caution. We will schedule a makeup day at a later time.

We have put a bag on the outside of the studio door if you would like to drop valentines by for Tabby. We will mail another package tomorrow.
We currently have 2520 valentines! Thanks team!!!

The studio WILL BE OPEN TODAY!! We dodged this winter weather bullet. Yea!! We know our dancers want to dance, so we will be there!

We will mail the valentines for our special lady, Tabby Wooten, on Wednesday, Feb. 12. They can be dropped off at the studio Saturday, Feb. 8  from 2:00-5:00, Sunday, Feb. 9 from 1:00-5:00, Mon., Feb. 10 and Tue., Feb. 11 from 3:30-8:30. Please help us help her reach her goal of getting 5000 valentines so she can be on Good Morning America!

Due to the possibility of more inclement winter weather, we will be closed today,
Feb. 6. Tuscaloosa County and City schools are closing, and we usually follow their decision if the weather affects the afternoon during dance hours.  Again, if you would like to make up the class, see Mary Jo or Tricia and we will schedule it.

MJ's will be closed again tomorrow, January 29, due to the weather. If you would like to schedule a make-up class from today or tomorrow, please see Tricia or Mary Jo when classes resume and we will schedule it for you. Everybody please stay safe!

MJ's will be closed today, January 28, due to the inclement weather.  The safety of our students is always our top priority.  Please keep your children safe and enjoy the snow!

ATTENTION: PARENTS' NIGHT OUT has been CANCELED! We did not have enough participation to make this happen.  If you paid your money for this, you will receive a credit on your account for the amount you paid.  This credit can be applied to anything of your choice. 

Our Company Dance and Dance Elite Competition Teams danced at UA Volleyball game.  They were fabulous and we are so proud of them!!

This is the graphic that will be on our Christmas Shirt this year. Order forms are available at the studio. Order Now.

Photo: This is the graphic that will be on our Christmas Shirt this year. Order forms are available at the studio. Order Now.


OPENING:  Lyrical ladies & Lyrical Starz

 MOM: Kaci Vickerson

FATHER:  MadisonJohnson

CHILDREN:  JamieHocutt & Haley Roberts


SNOW QUEEN: Jenni Chapman



WINTER FAIRIES: Morgan Fomera, Angel Paton, Megan McLey, Desiree Applewhite

FROSTY:  AshleySullivan


SNOW AND ICE: Twirl Elite, Twirling Divas, Dixie Twirlers, Twirling Starz,Twirling  Cuties                                                                                                                        


TREES: Elizabeth Bright, Peyton Cobb, Adia Lowther, Ashlyn Nash

STARS: Katie Jaggers, Maeghan Marlow, Hannah Roberts,Abby


PRESENTS:  TinyStarz

Holiday Bells:

Jingle Bells:

Jingle Jams: All Hip Hop Classes

Holly Berries:





RAGGEDY ANN: Mayce Pettus

CHINA DOLLS: Kay Harper & Kasey Rice



HIP HOP STAR: JoAnna Simon

ROCKETT DOLLS: Dancin’ Cuties

JACK-IN-THE-BOXES: Dancin’ Starz


GINGERBREAD LADIES: Ricklin Barrett, Ashlyn Kilgore, McKay Pettus,

                                                                    Madison Scott, Grace Spencer

GINGER SNAPS: Isabella Bordelon,Kyra Pippen,JoieSteele,Macy

Stringfellow,Micah Woods







SUGAR PLUM FAIRIES: Intermediate Ballet

MICE:  TinyDivas

ANGELS DUET: Molly Elliott & Isabela Retsinas

ANGELS: Loralei Bright, Haley Smith, McKenzie Smith

REINDEER: Madeline Alligood, Carly Barton, IsabellaBordelon, Gracie

Ferguson, Bailey Fincher, Anna KellyIrvin, Lizzie Shaw, Macy  Stringfellow,Micah Woods


FINALE: Dance Elite & Company Dance

Everybody, please VOTE for "Barbie is Real"-MJ's Academy of Dance. If our team gets the most votes, our studio will win a free in-studio workshop by Thunderstruck. YOU CANNOT VOTE BY MOBILE PHONE. Get all your friends and family to vote also and help us win! VOTING ENDS FRIDAY, JUNE 28 AT 5:00 P.M. VOTE NOW!! Here's the link:


5/7/2013 FYI: Sally Beauty Supply in Northport has a good supply of hairpieces if anyone still needs one.

THUNDERSTRUCK AWARDS - Congratulations to our dancers! We are SO proud of all of you!!!

Stray Cat Strut Isabella Bordelon and Micah Woods - (High Gold, 3rd Place Overall, Judges Award: Partnering)
Little Red Riding Hood Tiny Divas and Jazz Divas - (High Gold, 1st Place Overall, Judges Award: Committed to Character)
Leaving On A Jet Plane Lyrical Cuties - (Gold, 2nd Place Overall)
Your Own Way Dancin’ Dolls - (Gold, 8th Place Overall)
Hula Baby Rock Tiny Starz - (Gold, 9th Place Overall)
Wanna Dance With Somebody Dancin’ Starz - (Gold, Judges Award: Costume Award)
Jungle Mix Dancin’ Cuties - (Gold)
Nerdy School Girls Hip Hop Starz - (Gold, 3rd Place Overall)
Spanish Dolls Ballet Cuties, (Gold, 5th Place Overall)
Come Fly With Me Jazz Troupe - (Gold)
Just A Girl Layla Bullard - (High Gold)
Lean On Me Lyrical Starz - (Gold, 6th Place Overall)
Tappin Cabbies Tappin’ Starz - (Gold)
Hey Little Mama Tappin’ Divas - (Gold)
Hot Honey Rag Baton Production - (High Gold)
Barbie Is Real Jazz Production - (Lightening Gold, 1st Overall, Video Choice Award)
Three Blind Mice Nia Hodges, Amy James & Madison Johnson -
(High Gold)
Masquerade Ballet Starz - (Gold)
Enter Sandman Company Dance - (Gold, 1st Place Overall)
Old School Mix Tappin’ Crew - (High Gold, 1st Place Overall)
Paper Doll Jennifer Chapman - (High Gold, 5th Place Overall, Scholarship to Las Vegas)
It’s the Climb Zoie Pritchett - (Gold, 9th Place Overall, Judges Award: Passion)
How Do I Look Keri Cook and Morgan Fomera - (Gold)
How Will I Know Jennifer Chapman, Morgan Green and Zoie Pritchett - (High Gold, 1St Place Overall)
Beautiful Girl Ashleigh Elliot, Morgan Fomera and Emma Kate Johnson (Gold)
Letting Go Lyrical Ladies - (Gold, 1st Place Overall)
Fame Dance Elite - (High Gold, 1st Place Overall)
New York, New York Hip Hop Team - (Gold)

MJ's is closing today, April 11, due to the weather. We follow the Tuscaloosa County Schools Weather closings and they are closing at 12:15 today. Our first priority is to keep our dancers safe!

It's Bring A Friend Week at MJ's, Feb. 11-14. Bring a friend with you to class this week. If that person registers for class, you will receive a $10 credit on your account. No limit to the number of people you can bring!!

Spring Registration will be January 11 (3:00-6:00), January 12 (2:00-4:00) and January 13 (2:00-4:00)!! Classes start Janaury 14!! This registration is for NEW STUDENTS ONLY. If you were there in Fall Semester, you are already registered for Spring Semester. See you soon!


When:  Friday, December 21, 6:30 p.m. 

             Saturday, December 22, 2:00 p.m. 

Where: Moody Music Building     810 2nd Avenue, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Tickets are $12 for reserved seating and $8 for general admission.

This is a fun-filled family holiday event that includes acting, singing, and dancing and is a unique show each year. This event includes a simultaneous Silent Auction and serves as a fundraiser to provide dance scholarships to under-privileged children in our community. Make this part of your holiday plans! You won't be disappointed!

Congratulations to all our MJ's dancers on the casting of the Christmas Production 2012. We are going to have another great show this year!





4. Sugar Plum Fairy ANNA PHELPS





9.  Dancin’Bears DANCIN’ CUTIES




     Soldier Doll JENNIFER CHAPMAN

     China Barbie MORGAN FOMERA

     Jazz Barbie ZOIE PRITCHETT

     Raggedy Ann KACI VICKERSON

     RaggedyAndy MADISON JOHNSON

     Brat Barbie KASEY RICE

     Marinette Doll LAYLA BULLARD


ELVES                                                      ROCKETTES & USHERS

RicklinBarrett                                            Desiree Applewhite        

ElizabethBright                                         LaylaBullard            

PeytonCobb                                             JenniferChapman

JamieHocutt                                              MadisonClary

KaitlynJackson                                          KeriCook

KatieJaggers                                             MorganFomera

AshlynKilgore                                            KayHarper

HollyMcDonough                                       EmmaKate Johnson

McKayPettus                                             AngelPaton              

KatPhillips                                                 MaycePettus

EmilyStrickland                                         AnnaPhelps


TUMBLING CLOWNS                                KaseyRice

IsabellaBordelon                                        AlainaSpencer

LaylaBullard                                               CarmenTidwell


MeganMcLey                                            MICE

MaycePettus                                             MalloryMasterson

MicahWoods                                             KayleeOlmstead


REINDEER                                                JordanWalters


CarlyBarton                                              GINGERBREAD LADIES

IsabellaBordelon                                      KalliCriss

BaileyFincher                                           RaeganHarris

AlexaHubbard                                          McKay Pettus

MadisonJohnson                                      ElaineRoberts

MeganMcLey                                            GraceSpencer

MadisonScott                                            JoieSteele

EmilyStrickland                                         AlyssaStrickland

KaciVickerson                                            AshleySullivan



 ANGELS                                                   HIP HOP FAIRIES

LoraleiBright                                              AshleighElliott

MollyElliott                                                 NiaHodges

ElizabethGreen                                          AmyJames

AdiaLowther                                               StephanieJeronimo

AutumnOlmstead                                       TrinityOdongo



SOLDIERS                                                  JoAnnaSimon

MadisonClary                                              PaigeWilliams



EmmaKate Johnson







    Carmen Tidwell

Congratulations to all our MJ's girls in the casting of the Tuscaloosa Community Dancers Nutcracker 2012.  We are so proud of ALL our dancers who auditioned!  We can't wait to see our beautiful ballerinas perform in what will be the best Nutcracker performance EVER!!

We are currently registering for Fall Classes. Click the "Schedule" tab to see the class schedule for 2012-2013. Call us at 343-7745,  email us by clicking the "Contact Us" tab to register. Just let us know what classes your child would like to take and we can get you registered! Hurry though because many classes are already starting to fill up!

MJ's Academy of Dance will hold Open Registration for Summer Classes on:Friday, June 8, 4:00-6:00, Saturday, June 9, 2:00-4:00, June 10, 2:00-4:00.
You can PRE-REGISTER online now. Click on the "Schedule" link for more information.  
*Regular Summer Classes beginon June 11, BUT Summer Camps start on June 4,
so don't wait for the Open Registration for Camps.

2012-2013 Competition Teams



Morgan Green-Captain

Amy James-Co-Captain

Layla Bullard

Anna Marie Callahan

Jennifer Chapman

Keri Cook

Ashleigh Elliott

JennieLynn Felts

Morgan Formero

Madison Johnson

Zoie Pritchett

Kasey Rice

Hannah Townsend

Kaci Vickerson


JennieLynn Felts-Captain

Anna Phelps-Co-Captain

Anna Marie Callahan

Jennifer Chapman

Keri Cook

Morgan Formero

Morgan Green

Madison Johnson

Zoie Pritchett

Kasey Rice

Kaci Vickerson



JoAnna Simon-Captain

LeeAnna Sparks-Co-Captain

Amy Bailey

Madison Clary

Meredith Griffin

Nia Hodges

Emma Kate Johnson

Megan McLey

Angel Paton

Carmen Tidwell


Kat Phillips-Co-Captain

Alyssa Strickland-Co-Captain

Madeline Alligood

Carly Barton

Isabella Bordelon

Bailey Fincher

Daizah Lavender

Lizzie Shaw

Joie Steele

Emily Strickland

Ashley Sullivan

Sarah V.Wagenheim

Micah Woods

Laura Brooke Yarborough

Madison Scott



Emma Kate Johnson-Co-Captain

Savannah Angeloff

Megan McLey

Serenity Marcum

Angel Patton

Carmen Tidwell



Natalie Wallace-Captain

Paige Crowell

Maegan Ingram

Ashley Ryan

Taylor Weathers



Anna Kate Campbell-Captain

Evie Simmons-Co-Captain

Emma Kate Johnson

Serenity Marcum

Angel Paton

Zoie Pritchett

Carmen Tidwell



Karen Otts-Captain

Adrianna Bush

Kaci Cummingham

Evie Simmons



Zoie Pritchett-Captain

Jennifer Chapman

Nia Hodges

McKay Medders

Serenity Marcum

Alaina Spencer

Maggie Willis



Maggie Willis-Captain

Nia Hodges

Angel Paton

Lizzie Shaw

Laura Brooke Yarborough



Grace Spencer-Captain

Caysen Edmonds

Kat Phillips

Kailie Porter

Macy Stringfellow


Hannah Roberts-Co-Captain

Meadow Chandler-Co-Captain

Peyton Cobb

Lauren Hubbard

Kylie Hyde

Mallory Masterson

Katelyn Roden

Jamia Smith

Audrey Sullivan



Alyssa Strickland-Captain

Macy Stringfellow-Co-Captain

Kalli Criss

Caysen Edmonds

Miranda Gadjos

Sarah Hinton

Allison Otts

Tori Vickerson



Carly Barton-Co-Captain

Emily Strickland-Co-Captain

Alexis Black

Jamie Hocutt

Cadence Liles

Lillian Milum

Elaine Roberts

Hannah Roberts

Caroline Rogan

Madison Scott



Madelyn Lunceford-Captain

Elaine Doyle

Holly McDonough

Faith Shim



Ashlyn Kilgore-Captain

Emily Wilson-Co-Captain

Ricklin  Barrett

Alexis Black

Elizabeth Bright


Lillian Millum



Julia Elmore

Elle Emery

Ava Grace Gray

Lily Kate Harris

Katie Jaggers

Gracie Morrison

Abby Thompson

Jordan Walters

Emma Grace Wyatt



Madelyn Burns

Gracie Lane Elder

Bella Hill

Ava Hinote

Caitlyn Liles

Abby Kate Lovelace

Annushka Nichani



Joie Steele-Co-Captain

Bailey Fincher-Co-Captain

Taylor Bailey

Ricklin Barrett

Faith Shim

Emily Wilson


Anna Marie Callahan-Co-Captain

Keri Cook-C0-Captain

Kasey Rice-Co-Captain

Ashleigh Elliott

JennieLynn Felts

Meredith Griffin

Amy James

Courtney Jenkins

Madison Johnson

Tiffany Phillips

JoAnna Simon

Maya Turner

Kaci Vickerson

2012 Spring Recital Picture Schedule

Monday, April 23

4:30-5:30          Ballet Starz

5:00-5:45          STORM (4:30-5:30 Monday Class-Miss Ashlyn, Lyrical Starz, Young Lyrical)

5:45-6:15          Intermediate Ballet, Advanced Ballet

6:15-7:00         Jazz Production

7:00-7:30         Company Dance

7:30-8:00         Jazz Troupe

8:00-8:30         Lyrical Ladies, Dance Elite

8:30                 Twirl Elite

Tuesday, April 24

4:30-4:45         Twirl Technique (4:30-5:30MondayClass-MJ/Ashley)

4:45-5:15         Beg. Young Baton (5:30-6:30 MondayClass-Miss Brittany)

                       RAINBOWS(6:30-7:30 Monday Class-Miss Brittany)

5:15-5:45         4:30-5:30 Tuesday Class-MissStephanie

5:45-6:30         MAGIC CARPET RIDE (5:30-6:30 Monday Class-Miss Ashlyn & 4:30-5:30 Wednesday Class-Miss Gabby)

    6:30-7:00         Hip Hop Starz

7:00-7:30         Tappin’šÂ¬Ă˘’žÂ˘Divas

7:30-8:00         Older Beginner Jazz (4:30-5:30Tuesday Class-Miss Tara)

       Older Baton (6:30-7:30 Tuesday Class-Mrs.Whitney)

    8:00-8:30         Hip Hop Team with Queen of Hearts,Older Tap Class


Wednesday, April25

4:30-5:00      FLOWERS (4:30-5:30 Tuesday Classes-Mrs. Whitney, Mrs. Gabby)

      (6:30-7:30Tuesday Class-Mrs. Gabby)

    5:00-5:45         HipHop (6:30-7:30 Monday Class-Miss Stephanie)  

                           (5:30-6:30 Tuesday Class-Miss Tara)

                           (6:00-7:00 Wednesday Class-Miss Kristen)

                           (4:30-5:30 Thursday Class-Miss Kristen)

                           (5:30-6:30 Thursday Class-Miss Tara)

5:45-6:15        Tumbling Classes-Miss Krystyn, Miss Caroline

6:15-7:00        Tiny Ballerinas, Tappin’šÂ¬Ă˘’žÂ˘ Cuties

7:00-7:30        Baton Production

7:30-8:00        Dixie Twirlers, Twirling Divas

8:00-8:30        Tap (5:30-6:30 Tuesday Classes-Miss Ashlyn and Mrs. Gabby)

Thursday,April 26

4:30-5:00          SUNSHINE (1:00-1:45 Tuesday Class, 10:30-11:15 Thursday Class-Mrs. Gabby)

5:00-5:30          Elementary Ballet (3:30-4:30 Wednesday Class-Miss Ashlyn)

5:30-6:30          Jazz (3:30-4:30 Tuesday-Miss Ashlyn) ( 3:30-4:30 Thursday-Miss Kristen)

                          (3:30-4:30 Wednesday-Miss Stephanie)

6:30-7:00          Pop Divas

    7:00-7:30            Modern


    8:30                    Teachers

Friday,April 27

4:30-5:30              Twirling Cuties

5:00-5:30              Dancin’šÂ¬Ă˘’žÂ˘ Divas

5:30-6:00              Tiny Starz, Tiny Divas

6:00-6:30              REDBIRDS (4:30-5:30 Wednesday Class-Mrs. Whitney)

                              (5:30-6:30 Wednesday Class-Miss Alexis)

6:30-7:00              DOVE (4:30-5:30 Thursday Class-Mrs. Gabby/Miss Kaci)

                              BUTTERFLIES (5:30-6:30 Thursday Class-Mrs. Whitney)

7:00                       Solos,Trios, Make-up Pictures


Bring a Friend Week - February 13 ’ 23, 2012
Your friends may take a complimentary placement class to help them and us determine their interest and ability level. With this coupon, your friend may attend a complimentary class during the weeks of February 13th-23rd. We have a form at the studio to fill out and if they enroll, you andyour friend will receive $20 off one month’šÂ¬Ă˘’žÂ˘s

For more information call Mary Jo or Tricia at 205-343-7757 or email us at dancemjs@gmail.com.


    Congratulations to the following girls on their special parts in the casting of "ALICE"

    Alice - Morgan Green
    Friends - Morgan Fomero, Jennifer Chapman
    Chesire Cat - Zoie Pritchett
    Rabbit - Layla Bullard
    Mad Hatters - Kaci Vickerson, Kasey Rice
    Mother - Anna Marie Callahan
    Queen of Hearts - Hannah Townsend
    Princess of Hearts - Keri Cook
    Spirit Goddess - Anna Phelps
    Nature Spirit - Emma Kate Johnson
    Forest Nymphs -Jasmine Cunningham, McKay Medders, Alaina Spencer, Carmen Tidwell

Don't forget to get your Christmas Show tickets! They are going fast!

Shows are Saturday, December 17th at 6:30 and Sunday, December 18th at 2:30. Reserved seats are sold out.  

General Admission Floor-$8.00, General Admission First Balcony-$7.00, General Admission Second Balcony-$6.00

11/22/11- ALL CLASSES WILL BE CLOSED TODAY DUE TO THE THREAT OF SEVERE WEATHER. Everybody, please stay safe! Happy Thanksgiving!

Christmas Show tickets PRESALE will start Monday, November 28 at 1:00 p.m. through Thursday, December 1. Tickets will be regular price beginning December 2.

Reserved - Main Floor - $8.00, Two day - $12.00
General Admission - Main Floor- $7.00, Two day - $11.00
General Admission ’ 1st Balcony-$6.00, Two day - $9.00
General Admission ’ 2nd Balcony-$5.00, Two day - $8.00

* 2 Day ticket prices will be available ONLY during the presale dates.

REGULAR PRICE (After Dec. 1)
Reserved - Main Floor - $10.00
General Admission - Main Floor- $8.00
General Admission ’ 1st Balcony-$7.00
General Admission ’ 2nd Balcony-$6.00

EXTREME Dance For The Cure- Friday Night, October 28 (6:00-9:00 p.m.)
This is a great opportunity for parents to have a date night while helping a great cause! Let us babysit!
Cost- $25- This includes 3 hours of entertainment, dinner, and a t-shirt! Reserve your spot now! You can pay in the studio or online.

Christmas Production Costumes Revealed
The posters are now displayed in the studio of the costumes for the 2011 Christmas Program, "Christmas Holidaze in T-Town". Be sure to check out the beautiful costume(s) your child will wear. All Christmas show costume balances are due by October 14.

Homecoming Parade - Saturday, October 8

Where to Meet: Behind Hudson Poole Jewelers - off Greensboro Ave. between 11th St. and 12th St.
For those who need to use a GPS, Hudson Poole's address is: 1111 Greensboro Ave.Tuscaloosa,35401
What time: 11:30(at the latest)
What to wear: Red MJ's shirt, black pants, tennis shoes
How to wear hair: PONYTAIL with Houndstooth ribbon (we will provide)
Where to pickup your child: Devotie Dr. (Next to the Biology Building). This is different than all past years. We may not be able to put our little ones out at the end of the parade because of where we have to end this year. It is quite a walk. There is a map in the studio of the parade route.

All Pre-K students MUST have an adult with them!!! If your child is NOT PRE-K, we do not need you to walk! If we have too many parents, it takes away from or students being seen. PLEASE meet us at the end of the parade immediately after we pass you at the Quad. Please park around the campus, near Hackberry Lane, Devotie Drive, or the soccer field so that you will be close to the end of the parade and can meet us IMMEDIATELY after the parade to pick up your child. They get upset if they don't see you when we finish! We very much appreciate this!

Late order shirts and shirts that were not be picked up will be given out before the parade when we meet behind Hudson Poole. Thank you for your participation and cooperation!!